Deborah Brisker Burk


"Her work conveys a sense of feeling and mood with her powerful use of color, dynamic forms and shapes".

-Alan Henney of the Delmarva Beach News about Deborah Brisker's Show at Philip Morton Gallery
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"The canvases of Deborah Brisker Burk are expressionistic, drawing on early 20th century European painting...her canvases occasionaly incorporate bits of fabric. Burk's life-size, sheep-like creatures add another rustic note to this exhibition".

-Mark Jenkins
 The Washington Post, Review:
 "The Character of Chevy Chase" at Zenith Gallery

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Deborah Brisker Burk's solo show at Strathmore Hall garnered "Top Pick"

-The Washington Post Weekend Section

Zenith Gallery at Chevy Chase Pavilion
Character of Chevy Chase

An award-winning artist, Deborah Brisker Burk has been creating art since childhood, working in a broad range of media including sculpture, pottery, printmaking, oil, watercolor, acrylic and collage. Her current paintings are mixed-media on canvas and paper, and she has been featured in numerous galleries, collections and international exhibitions in the U.S., Israel, Canada, Russia, Egypt, and India, and holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in art from GWU. Burk juries shows in the DC metropolitan area and teaches workshops in her studio and abroad. Deborah Brisker Burk's work was featured in The Gazette's "Hot Ticket" Section: Hues on View--Figurative Musings and Delineations Har Shalom Gallery.

-The Washington Gazette

"Burk has built a career out of portraying the human figure. In the painting "Reinvention", two women are visible within fields of abstract color and grainy, textured paint.In many of Burk's works, her figures are outlined in thick black stroke-a technique which evokes Manet".

-Maura Judkis
 Art Critic, Washington City Paper

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"These dynamic, mood-inspired paintings are drawings on paper and canvas reflect a movement from her previous work toward the abstract."

-Ellyn Wexler
 Writer, The Potomac Gazette

"Deborah Brisker Burk's current one man show at Foundry is a must see. The paintings are beautiful!"

-Bill Dunlop
 Art Critic, Weta's "Around Town"

"The female nude is a popular subject used to explore a wide range of effects. Deborah Brisker Burk draws the female figure realistically but applies color washes as an abstractionist would to organize her compositions."

-Ken Oda
 D.C. Art Critic/Writer, International Russian Art Show

"Your expertise made this competition our best yet...Thank you for your time and dedication".

-Connie Morella
 Congresswoman, 8th District
 Strathmore Hall, Rockville Art Show

"Deborah Brisker Burk's work is elegant, using soft, earthen colors which seem diffused through her paintings by a warm, ochre light"

-AnaMaria Gambino-Columbo
 Washington art critic

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